Project Survey

Democratization of Kazakh society is a steady and long-term process, which requires sequential approach to give opportunity for future political leaders to emerge and become mature.


The objective of STUDIK project is to improve the political involvement of students in the higher education sector by offering them a chance to form individual structures – democratically organized student bodies, with the aim to develop their own strategies and to participate in the decision-making process of their institutions. The wider objective is to train and prepare key players of civil society in the field of democracy to strengthen the democratic culture of the society in a long term process.


  1. Increasing of knowledge on state-of-the-art of student self-governance in Kazakhstan and EU countries to build bridges for transferring EU experience and enable models to be implemented;
  2. Creating and improvement of general understanding and acceptance for student involvement in university processes by students, high-ranking university and ministerial officials;
  3. Creating of motivation mechanisms and strengthen capacity of students to organize themselves in student boards and upgrade their impact at Kazakh universities and society at large;
  4. Creating suitable legal and institutional frame for student self-governance at Kazakh universities.