TIME TO CHANGE!- Elections of the leader of student government at ENU.

Save the date - 14th of May 2015

STUDIK team is very excited to conduct elections of the leader of student government for the 2nd time in L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan University administration provides our team with an essential support, trust and persistence for the fair election. 
We believe that democratization of students government from year to year will lead to the socially independent, responsible public work of the students, self-directed question solutions, development of social activity, support of social innovations, formation of an active living position of the students. 
We seek the aim to unite students for formation of an effective board of self-sustaining, creative and resourceful personalities. The work of students should be held according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which operates the legislation, normative legal acts of public authorities and self-government institutions, principles of voluntary activity, equality and publicity. 
STUDIK in ENU starts its work from the sociological research in order to know how many students are interested in elections. The results are more or less equal to the amount of electors in European Universities. Our goal is to increase this amount by promoting the elections. The development of the plan of electoral work recently has finished. The plan consists of an order of jobs that our team has to prepare for elections, such as collections of documents, debates, campaign period and others. The promotion of ours is held around the social networks, such as official web-site of university, different popular among youth apps and chats, promo posters and videos.
Before the election itself we are interested to conduct debates and meeting of candidates with the rector of ENU. Rector is an inspirational person who can motivate the candidates to strive for the position of leader of the student government. 

Candidates should suit the requirements, conduct fair campaign and go through the election. We want the 14th of May to become an essential holiday event for all the students and administration of ENU. STUDIK team is working hard because its everyone’s time to react, it’s our time to use opportunities, it’s our TIME TO CHANGE!


























Here you can watch the videos announcing the elections:



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