Seminar-training in ENU, Astana

Increasing the efficiency of student's self-government system in ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov

L.N. Gumilyov». The seminar was held within the international TEMPUS program of the STUDIK project.
In work of a seminar took part: chairmen and leaders (deputies and representatives) the student's organizations (The center of youth policy, «Altyn Belgi», the trade-union organization of students and undergraduates «Senim», Association of graduates of  ENU of L.N Gumilyov, L.N. Gumilyov ENU Students' scientific society).

During a seminar the following subjects were considered:
• Improvement of interaction of the student's organizations in L.N Gumilyov ENU: monitoring of problems and development prospect;
• Development of skills of a goal-setting and long-term planning;
• The analysis of the international experience of  student's self-government system and its adaptation in Kazakhstan.
As trainers of a seminar Kakenova Asel and the student's coordinator of the project, Medetov Daniyar acted the student's STUDIK project leader, and also with the unique professionalism the deputy dean of faculty of social sciences on work with students - Gitikhmayeva Lyudmila Magomedovna surprised all.
At total plenary session of a seminar the presentation of participants on the subject «The Best Project and Ways of Its Advance» took place.
Following the results of seminar participants developed a number of suggestions for improvement of system of student's self-government in L.N. Gumilyov ENU.
In addition all participants and trainers received a storm of positive emotions, a charge of cheerfulness and have simply a rest.
Following the results of a seminar training certificates will be handed over to all participants.


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