ENU: Seminar-training for leaders and heads of the youth organizations and regional SSG bodies

The seminar-training for leaders and heads of the youth organizations and regional student self-governance bodies was held by coordination of STUDIK project coordinating team in L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana.

Today there are more than 1000 registered youth organizations, acting both at regional and republican level in Kazakhstan. Equally there are many actively acting legally unregistered youth associations, organizations and clubs.  And the plenty of them are student organizations, which are the elements of students self-governance.

Student self-governance - is a form of youth policy in order to consolidate the student's social movement, make full use of the potential of students in the socio-economic transformations of society, solutions of students' problems.

However, there is a situation when the potential of students’ youth organizations are not fully involved in the solution of state’s objectives in the field of youth policy at the present time. One of the main reasons of this situation is a lack of project management skills, operational and strategic planning skills and more among the leaders and heads of students’ self-governance bodies.

“Conducting such training activities should be on a permanent basis. Increasing the young leaders’ competencies is needed primarily for sustainable development of student organizations and implementation of effective work with target groups and the student self-governance bodies. Another important aspect of the effective work of student youth organizations is to develop a single vector work in the long term, "- said Duman Aitmagambetov, the head of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian national university rector’s staff. Overall 62 participants from 30 universities took part on seminar. Among the participants were heads of departments on youth policy of Turan University Astana, specialists on work with students and heads of comities o youth affairs.

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