Elections WKATU, Uralsk

Student Body Elections within the STUDIK Project will take place at WKATU in October 2014

The elections of the student administrator took place in Zhangir khan WKATU on October 10-11, 2013. There were three candidates: 2nd year students of Polytechnic faculty Raiymbek Mukashev and Aygerim Garipullina and the 2nd year of Agronomical faculty Abzal Bazarov. These students have big authority among the fellow students and take active part in the cultural and public life of the university, city and region. The candidates addressed the students with their election programs. During the elections, about 600 students gave their voices for the candidates. The winner was Bazarov Abzal, who is the student administrator till the next planned elections within the STUDIK Project in October 2014.

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