Elections to the student parlament at UIB

Save the date - 15th of April

At the University of UIB were held elections to the student parliament. It is designed to work on a university-wide level to assist in purposeful activity of students, creating conditions conducive to self-realization in a creative and professional life and issues in different areas of student life.

The election campaign began on April 6th, 2015 with the official registration for the elections to the student parliament. In the race for the championship registered 6 student organizations: «Prometheus», «Black Terra», «Atlants», «Enactus», «Пікірсайыс клубы», «Tourinsts club GForce».  Each organization held a election campaign in order to get more votes of students. All showed their best side, show new ideas for the improvement and promotion of student life.

The second stage were debates of the organizations leaders that have passed on April 14th, where each candidate answered the students' questions. During the debates raised topical issues and problems of UIB University. Discussions were very rapidly, each party to defend its position and is guaranteed to make our university better. Unfortunately, not every organization is able to answer competently the students' questions, which further fanned the flames of debate. Our students showed their erudition and interest in improving our university.

The third stage was the long-awaited elections to the student parliament. They passed on April 15th. The turnout showed that the students of our university are very interested in choosing a decent parliament. In addition to voting students attended the university administration. Each organization was decent and the choice was very difficult. Voted the most of the students. Everyone voted weighing all the pros and cons made his choice. We hope the best!

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