TU Dresden

The Technische Universitaet Dresden dates back to the Technische Bildungsanstalt Dresden, founded in 1828 and, thus, ranks among the oldest technical-academic educational establishments in Germany. The TU Dresden has about 35.000 students and almost 4.200 permanent employees (except for the Faculty of Medicine), 419 professors among them, and, thus, is the largest university in Saxony, today. Having been committed to sciences and the engineering before the reunification of Germany, TU Dresden now is a multi-discipline university, also offering humanities and social sciences as well as medicine. There are only few universities in Germany which are able to match this broad scientific spectrum. TU Dresden complements this broad offer of course programmes by participating in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

In 2005, TU Dresden created a European Project Center (EPC) to support scientists across the university in the project management of EU-funded projects. The EPC has a long standing experience in the Tempus programme as well as in offering support on introducing ECTS mechanisms.